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The coins of Salzburg in the Prague National Museum:

September 6th, 2018 by Peter Macho

Heller 1559 Goldabschlag, Münzkabinett Prag


In April 2018 the Salzburg Numismatic Society visited the coin cabinet of the Prague National Museum. Since the museum which usually houses the collection has been under renovation for years, we drove to the branch Theresienstadt, where the collection inventory is currently stored in the former buildings of the Maria Theresian military.

Ulrich Höllhuber, chairman of the SNG, had arranged with the collection’s curator, Dr. Jiri Militky, that we could examine all coins from Salzburg he could find in the inventory. Judging from earlier excursions to the museums in Berlin, Hamburg, Gotha, St. Gallen, and more, we had expected to see roughly a couple hundred of coins.

The greater our surprise when Dr. Militky presented us with about 2800 Salzburg coins, which required two carts to transport into the exhibition room - all in all forty wooden trays filled with coins!

Münzkabinett Prag, Tablett mit Salzburger Münzen Exkursionsteilnehmer (anonymisiert), SNG Leiter Mag.Ulrich Höllhuber und Dr. Jiri Militky (Prager Nationalmuseum, Numismatik)

As opposed to other museums, Prag has consolidated all the Salzburg coins in a single collection, which is enormously helpful in exploring this specialized area. Normally, you find them in museums spread across different categories such as new acquisitions, bequests, old assets, big finds, archeological finds, internal medal and show coin collection,  and so forth.

Inventarsystem im Prager Münzkabinett

The inventory numbers and comments make it possible to determine each individual piece’s origin.

The (well sorted) Prag Collection’s volume put it among the world’s largest Salzburg collections (next to Vienna and Munich). In addition, as explained to us by Dr. Militky, there are even rarer and more well-preserved coins in the museum’s main building (which is currently not accessible). Moreover, about 1000 medieval Salzburg coins have not yet been processed.

Below, I want to show you some exhibits from the collection.



Goldabschlag des Hellers 1559, UNEDIERT

Heller 1559, Goldabschlag. BR. unediert, vgl. Zöttl 490 (Silber!). Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

The rarest coin is the unedited golden pattern of the 1559 heller. On the upper and lower rim, rudiments of a handle can be made out. This allows conjecture that this coin might have been coined for an archiepiscopal gem, as was common in Renaissance times. The collections in Vienna (Kunst Historisches Museum) and Munich provide sufficient examples of the type “Larger Portrait Medal”, among them golden pearls and smaller coins and medals.  A portrait medal of Kuenburg is existing.


Doppeldukat 1568, zeitgen. Fälschung, Münzkabinett Prag

Doppeldukat 1568 falsches Wappen! BR. 1240 a Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

BR 1240a: Beizeichen Blatt wie 1240, Umschrift wie 1239. Rs. Umschrift wie 1242.

The double ducat 1568 features an incorrect coat of arms (as pointed out by C. M.). The Material ist the color of copper (as would be gold with a low percentage of gold).

side note: The 10 Kreuzer 1568 shows the identical circumscription and cadencies; however, the cadencies here are distributed the opposite way: Leaf under miter, crosses left and right. The Salzburg coat of arms with the two cross beams has been done very negligently. See Image (Dorotheum Vienna, NOT Prague).

10 Kreuzer 1568 Bild: Dorotheum Wien

10 Kr. 1568,VERGLEICHSMÜNZE zu Doppeldukat 1568, Bild: Dorotheum Wien


Doppeldukat 1569, Münzkabinett Prag

Doppeldukat 1569, BR. 1243 a Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

BR.1243 a: Vs. wie 1243, Rs. Umschrift MAXIMILIA IMPE AVGVS P F DE .  Roll knows no die with this inscription.




4 fache Turmtalerklippe, Münzkabinett Prag (Bild: L.G.)

Vierfache Turmtalerklippe 1593 BR. 1565 Foto: Münzkabinett Prag



Dukat 1629, Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1629, BR. 2271 a (Vs. wie BR 2269) Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1631, Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1631, BR.2276 a, Vs wie 2272, Rs wie 2275. Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

Halbdukat 1643, Münzkabinett Prag

Halbdukat 1643, BR. 2327 Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1653, Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1653, BR. 2325 Foto: Münzkabinett Prag




Pfennig 1689 auf grossem Schrötling, Münzkabinett Prag

Pfennig 1689 auf grossem Schrötling, BR. 3643 A UNEDIERT vgl. 3643 Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

The Pfennig resembles in size rather a Halbkreuzer, and the die cut resembles the (correctly-sized) original. We might be faced with a misstrike or contemporary forgerty.



Halbdukat 1709, Münzkabinett Prag

Halbdukat 1709, BR. 3725 Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

Taler 1710, Münzkabinett Prag

Porträttaler 1710, BR. 3744 a, Beizeichen Stern statt Blume Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1713, Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1713, BR. 3692 Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1715, Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1715, BR. 3693 Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1719, Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1719, BR. 3720 a , U statt V Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

Halbbatzen 1722, Münzkabinett Prag

Halbbatzen 1722, zeitgenössische Fälschung ? BR. 3891 A UNEDIERT Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1725, Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1725, BR. 3707 Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

Halbbatzen 1723, Münzkabinett Prag

Halbbatzen 1723 BR 3892 Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1726, Münzkabinett Prag

Dukat 1726, BR. 3708 a Foto: Münzkabinett Prag



Dukat 1739, Münzkabinett Prag

Porträtdukat 1739 von Franz Matzenkopf, BR. 3984 Foto: Münzkabinett Prag




20 Kreuzer 1772, Münzkabinett Prag

20 Kreuzer 1772 BR. 4546.The very rare first year of Colloredos reign, a “one-year-type”.  Foto: Münzkabinett Prag

10 Kreuzer 1773, Münzkabinett Prag

10 Kreuzer 1773, BR. 4605 Foto: Münzkabinett Prag


20 Kreuzer 1791, Münzkabinett Prag

20 Kreuzer 1791, BR. 4574 Foto: Münzkabinett Prag



BR. Bernhart / Roll: Die Münzen und Medaillen des Erzstiftes Salzburg München o.J. (1929/30)

Zöttl: SALZBURG - Münzen und Medaillen 1500-1810, 2. Auflage, Salzburg 2014

ALL PICTURES  (except 10 Kr.1568): Prager Nationalmuseum, Münzkabinett.

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