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Dezember 13th, 2013 by Peter Macho

Belasi: 4 Dukat o.J.    Sitticus: 14 Dukaten 1612

Lodron: Achteltalerklippe 1627     Harrach 5 Dukaten o.J. (1709)

Die Beschreibungen der Heritage Auktion 14./15. Jänner 2014, New York:

Extraordinary Multiple Ducat Masterpiece
Salzburg. Markus Sittikus Graf von Hohenems gold 14 Ducats 1612, KM-unlisted, Fr-700 (listed only as Rare), Probszt-unlisted, AU58 NGC. Obv. Leftward facing bust in clerical garment. Rev. Oval arms below legate’s hat with St. Rupert and St. Vergilius facing at sides. A massive multi-ducat issue that, despite the certain complications of production, was made to a master’s specifications. While being bold, the engraving maintains delicacy, and the strike rises to virtual completeness. Diagonal reeding adds a nice touch to the overall feel. The surfaces show even handling in the form of minor ticks throughout, and point to this piece, albeit for a short period, filling a commercial role. One hint to this fact lies in the tiny etching of “XIIII” just before the reverse legends, a certain quick-identifier of this, even at the time, very rare denomination.
This coin is a complete enigma of a type; it’s a type that seems to have avoided numismatic plating for at least a half century. Further adding to the mystery, while smaller ducats of similarity (same legends and design composition) are shown to exist, the lone plated examples we have been able to locate are of the 4 Ducat size. These show Markus Sittikus on the obverse facing right, instead of the more stylized leftward facing portrait on the current example. Given the absent notation of this major design difference in previous catalogs, we must question if the present example has ever been numismatically classified. Whatever the case, we don’t hesitate to call the current offering “once in a lifetime,” as this unique, or nearly so, gold coin is certain to land in a cabinet of the highest sophistication.
In 1612, Markus Sittikus Graf von Hohenems (born in 1574) was elected Archbishop of Salzburg after his cousin, Wolf Dietrich Raitenaus, was deposed. Wolf Dietrich was thereafter imprisoned in the Hohensalzburg Fortrees. Sittikus died in 1619; his primary legacy consists of the numerous Baroque architectural projects that helped shape the feel and style of the city.
Ex: “Colonel” E.H.R. Green; Green Estate’ Partnership of Eric P Newman / B.G. Johnson. Estimate: $50,000 - $75,000.

Salzburg. Johann Jakob Khuen von Belasi gold 4 Ducats ND (1560-86), Fr-630, Probszt-459, AU58 NGC. Obv. Three shields. Rev. Two Saints seated, facing each other. An exceedingly rare issue. Coins produced in the sixteenth century are typically crude in both engraving and striking. Considering these shortcomings, this example is an exceptional product from these rather basic production methods. The rarity is unquestioned, as we can find no records of this type. Salzburg, like many other Europen cities, was a Bishopric from the Middle Ages through the early 1800’s.  The Bishops’ rule was quite firm in Salzburg, and in 1731 the Protestants were ordered to recant their non-Catholic beliefs or be banished from the city.
Ex: “Colonel” E.H.R. Green; Green Estate’ Partnership of Eric P Newman / B.G. Johnson. Estimate: $20,000 - $25,000.
Salzburg. Paris von Lodron silver Klippe 1/8 Taler 1627, KM106, XF45 NGC. A very appealing coin with aged gray patina and sharply struck features. Estimate: $300 - $400.

Die (im Verhältnis hier unscheinbare) Achteltalerklippe 1627 des Paris Lodron ist eine der seltensten Salzburger Kleinmünzen. 1627 hätte dieses Nominale eigentlich gar nicht mehr geprägt werden sollen, der Stempel ist (vermutlich von 1622) umgeschnitten worden. Der Münztypus mit dem sitzendem Rupertus wurde regulär 1623 eingestellt.

Salzburg. Franz Anton von Harrach Medallic gold 5 Ducats ND (1709-27), Forster-856, Slg.  Dolenz-310, 17.5g, 30mm, plain edge, MS61 NGC. Obv. Draped bust of Franz Anton right with small star below (this star is the engraver’s mark for Philipp Heinrich Muller of Augsburg). Rev. Hand of God holding the reins of a jumping horse. Superbly struck in high relief with fully mirrored fields and a few light contact marks. A superior Mint State example of this rare Austrian States gold medal.
Ex: “Colonel” E.H.R. Green; Green Estate’ Partnership of Eric P Newman / B.G. Johnson. Estimate: $5,000 - $6,000.

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